Petco is a category-defining health and wellness company focused on improving the lives of pets, pet parents and their own Petco partners. 

To help improve search visibility and traffic, Petco outlined a plan to optimize tens of thousands of pages across their site and further position themselves as a thought leader in the pet space. 

Roadblock to Success: Limited Resources 

The Petco SEO team faced competing business priorities, limitations within their CMS and time-strapped IT resources.

“Our CMS and website required a lot of individual and manual inputs,” said John Caiozzo, Senior SEO Manager for Petco. “For example: when adding breadcrumb markup, our system didn’t automatically generate the associated markup, making this a manual process.” 

Additionally, they sought a way to deploy the changes at scale but with minimal assistance from developers. 

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Solution: Deploy SEO Changes with ClarityAutomate

“ClarityAutomate allows us to deploy a lot of incremental
that drive SEO visits, and provides us with
robust abilities to scale optimizations.”
- John Caiozzo, Senior SEO Manager, Petco

The SEO team gained the ability to deploy the desired changes at scale with ClarityAutomate

They knew making improvements to their informational content would boost their organic visibility, increase traffic, and support the on-site user experience. This strategy helps to introduce new users to the brand and drive consideration for Petco earlier in the buyer's journey.

“ClarityAutomate allows us to deploy a lot of incremental changes that drive organic visits and provides us with more robust abilities to scale optimizations,” John said. “We’ve been able to shift our dev team’s time and energy on more resource-intensive requests.” 

Aside from making SEO changes at scale, ClarityAutomate can:

  • Test more optimizations faster
  • Make page fixes before deploying across the site
  • Prove real-life outcomes to get projects prioritized with the dev team

Results: Execution of SEO at Scale in Five Minutes or Less

On scaling content creation and optimization:
“We’ve been able to significantly amplify our efforts producing new content on the site,” John said. “This reduced time to rank and allowed more time for needed optimizations to pages with high CVR and AOV.”

On time saved:
“Updating the title tag for a large set of pages used to be time-intensive, manual work,” John said. “Now, they can be updated with a simple upload in 5 minutes or less.

On implementing changes at scale:
“The ability to make these smaller changes across our site that our CMS didn’t allow helped prioritize our dev resources on other SEO projects that might be a heavier lift but have a really good return on investment for Petco,” John said.

ClarityAutomate Enables SEO Execution

“ClarityAutomate allows you to get the quick things done,
scale it out, and focus on the important things long-term.”
- John Caiozzo, Senior SEO Manager, Petco

With ClarityAutomate, Petco’s SEO team was able to get the small tasks accomplished on their pages at scale so they could focus on more revenue-driving initiatives.

“ClarityAutomate allows you to get the quick things done, scale it out, and focus on the important things long-term,” John said.

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