24 Ways to Use Popular Words in your Blog Name and Still Be Unique

Some words are perfectly suited to be part of a blog’s name. It just describes who the blogger is or aspires to be perfectly. ‘Fashionista’ is a good example. But how do you make your blog stand out from all the others who sound so similar?

Although numerous other blogs already use the same word in their name, you can still be creative in coming up with something that is truly unique and relevant to your blog or yourself.

Fashionista Blog Names

If you want some ideas, just take a look at how these 24 fashion bloggers stake their claim to be a fashionista in their own way:

Meaningful & Memorable Names

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to carve your own niche, from focusing on your environment (college), an item of clothing (high heels), your character (fearless), your body shape (curvy), where you live (Boston) or even the color of your hair (red head).

This naming strategy can be applied to any topic and isn’t limited to fashion. Foodies, gamers, moms, vegans, runners, or any type of blogger can use this approach to come up with a catchy and cool name.

Blog Domain Naming

One of the problems of finding a great blog name is being able to get the matching domain name. A lot of new bloggers get stuck here and it often leads to a frustrating conclusion that all the good names are taken already.

If you browse through the names above, there are a few things you’ll notice. And if you adopt the domain naming approach which some of these bloggers take, it could make your life a lot easier.

  1. Matching .com – if possible, the ideal option is to go with the .com domain extension that matches the name (ie CollegeFashionista.com)
  2. Hyphenated .com – if your first choice is not available, one alternative is to use the hyphenated version of the .com domain (ie RedHead-Fashionista.com)
  3. Adding a ‘The’ to the name – if you don’t like hyphens and want to stick with a .com, a good solution is to prefix your chosen name with a ‘The’ (ie TheCurvyFashionista.com)
  4. Go with a .Net – although none of the blogs listed above needed to, another option is to use a different domain name extension, such as a .Net.

Need more inspiration? Check out how these brands got their names, or these 35 examples of awesome food blog names.

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