23 Cool Blog Names to Inspire Teachers and Anyone Starting a Blog

Although this is a list of education related blogs, the names have been selected to showcase different naming styles and the range of techniques that can be used to create good (and not so good) names.

While there’s something to be learned from all of them, some are clearly leagues above the others in terms of quality. But when it comes to creativity, opinions vary, so you should go through and identify the ones you like best.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a teacher or if your blog is not about education. Just get ideas from the way the names have been made up and then adapt the component words to suit your blog.

  1. Teaching With Class: Super brilliant – wordplay at its finest
  2. Scribble Doodle and Draw: A good example of a great blog naming technique
  3. Top Teaching: Unexciting at best – a key goal of a blog’s name is to attract people to it
  4. TeachHUB Education Blog: Blogs of brand names don’t need to be too clever or unique
  5. 100 Scope Notes: Some abstractly named blogs just don’t interest you, this is one of them
  6. TeachMoore: If the blogger’s name is Moore, then this could work
  7. Darcy Moore’s Blog: This naming style won’t work so well if you have a really common name
  8. A Journey in TEFL: A Journey In, A Journey With etc, can all work as blog name formats
  9. Kirsten Winkler: Got a unique name? Just go with it as your blog’s name too
  10. The Scholastic Scribe: An excellent example of a cleverly created name
  11. Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom: This is just way too long and a good example of what not to do
  12. The Kennedy Korral Blog: Got a fabulous sounding name? Take advantage of it
  13. English Raven: Nice and elegant – whenever possible, try to stick to 2 meaningful words
  14. Luckyfrogs Lilypad: This name is awesome if you know what luckyfrogs and lilypads are
  15. It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages: Funny, quirky and simply full of fun
  16. The Principal of Change: Yes, this is how to do it – play around with the meaning and spelling of words
  17. The Nerdy Teacher: A solid name – just find an adjective that your audience can relate to
  18. 3rd Grade Gridiron: This is great because you don’t normally associate 3rd Grade with gridirons
  19. Design for Learning: Not very clever, but still good
  20. Just a Substitute Teacher: Don’t normally see “Just a” used in blog names, but it really works perfectly here
  21. Ladybug’s Teacher Files: All it takes is one catchy word to make a great name
  22. A Journée in Language: The foreign spelling suitably combines with language but is this too clever
  23. The Blue Skunk Blog: Colors and animals always work

Personally, i really like – Teaching with Class, The Scholastic Scribe and The Nerdy Teacher. What’s your pick of the lot?

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